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Capturing Love: A Glasgow Wedding Photographer's Journey

Hello, and welcome to my very first blog post. I decided to begin a little blog with all my wedding, and photography tips I have learned on the way. I will say I am no writer and there maybe spelling mistakes as well as a rather large amount of grammar mistakes, but hey I will give it a good go.

lindsay stockley wedding photographer glasgow
wedding photographer

For those of you who have just came across my page and not quite sure who I am, let me give you a little background.

My name is Lindsay, I don't really have any nicknames mostly "Linds" if anything. I am 25 when writing this post and I have studied photography for 8 years now and have a BA honours in photography.

So boring bits out the way time for the things that let you know who I am. If you ask any single person that knows me "what reminds you of Lindsay" you will hear two of the following : Disney and Taylor Swift. Yes I know I may have lost a few of you lot there but it is what I talk about all day everyday and if you've ever been to Florida forget about talking about anything else with me apart from that. I would say my love of Disney has helped with my creativity and love for couples and weddings, cause who doesn't love a happy ending.

Another thing to note about me is I have been in the wedding industry for 10 years as before photographing weddings I use to work with "LBS Event Design & wedding planners". This included me setting up wedding decorations and I absolutely loved working there and seeing the behind the scenes of a wedding. This lead onto becoming a wedding photographer so as you can imagine I know a lot of information about weddings, so if you need help on anything wedding related I am your girl.

As I said I am no good at writing but hopefully this blog helps with some wedding planning, family shoots and things to do at a photoshoot and things not to do. As well as this helping you it will also help me learn a bit more about myself and you who is reading this!!

I know planning a wedding and even having your photo taken can feel a little daunting but if you read these blogs maybe it will allow you to realise it isn't so bad and it's more about the memories you are capturing and the people you are with in the photographs. Never go into it thinking the worse as it is suppose to be a fun and non serious thing to do!!

Thank you for reading my first blog post, I hope the bad grammar didn't put you off!

Let's have fun and take some photos together!!


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