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Capturing Memories: The Benefits of a Couple Photoshoot

couple at glencoe mountains

Hello, long time no see. Hope you all are well and sorry for the lack of posts!! But I think you may like this one and there is a sneaky surprise if you read along!!

So here we go you are recently engaged or maybe you just don't have enough photos of each other, you have came to the right place.

Here is some reason's you may not have thought of why to do a couple photoshoot!!

laughing happy couple photoshoot

Reason one: Meet your photographer

Hello its me, this is the perfect time to meet your photographer if you have already booked your wedding or if you are still waiting to do so. You can book a photoshoot to make sure yous both get along and have a little fun. It will also allow you all to get to know each other and maybe some poses you don't like as much etc.

As I have said before you will spend loads of time with your photographer so this would be the perfect time to test this out!!

Polaroid photo couple

Reason two: Fit your theme

One thing people tend to do with their engagement photoshoot is use them for save the dates or invitations. This helps fit with your theme if you are having a Harry Potter theme dress up like Ron or Hermione for the shoot ( I am kidding but if that is your thing I am all for it hahaha ). I mean more colour themes and have your wedding more personal.

Reason three: No awkward photos

dog and couple photoshoot

95% of brides come to me and say the don't want over posed photos because they find it awkward and cringe. So having an engagement photoshoot will help make all this less awkward. Even if these poses are cringe believe it or not most of them are me laughing with you both making it less awkward and I will be chatting away to you both so do not worry if you want those photos but think they are cringe it will be over before you know it (in the best way possible). Also if you do these photo's before you will get into the swing that the camera isn't there and just enjoy each others company as on your wedding day that might be the longest time you see each other alone, so we want it to be less painful for you guys as possible and a whole lot of fun.

Reason Four: More photos together

This is my personal number one reason because me and my partner always and I mean always forget to take photos. (yes I know as a photographer I am ashamed). It is one of those things you are in the moment and doing the most fun things you forget to capture, so why not let me tag alone and I will capture those little moments of you both laughing and having the best time. You have not even be engaged (like me... hint hint) but you can still do a couple photoshoot as maybe you have moved in together and have zero photos for the walls. Again, another reason for some photos in a beautiful location!

glen coe photoshoot with two dogs

So, there you go four little reason's why to go out there and just try it!! It is 100% on my to do list to get some of me and Kevin done and as a thank you for reading and supporting my little blog I am offering a 10% discount for any couple photoshoots!!

All you have to do is message me with the word BENJI and you get 10% off your couple photoshoot!!

This is available for the month of March only to book but the photoshoot can be in the next 3 months.

Any questions just give me a message as always and thank you again, also if you see more videos of me on my instagram I am trying to show my face and life a bit more hahah so we are all getting out the comfort zones here !

Lindsay Stockley


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