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Top Tips: How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

"All you’ll have left at the end of the day will be each other, your rings, and your photos."

Scotland wedding photography

Looking for the perfect wedding photographer? Learn how to choose the best one for your big day! Consider style, budget, and more in Scotland, UK.

Choosing your wedding photographer can be a hard decision and that is why I am here to help here are 5 things to consider when it comes to picking your photographer for your big day.

1. Understand your vision & suit your style

This can be fun to find out what kind of style you like, I would recommend looking on Pinterest and searching wedding photography. You can add keywords in this for example : Creative, candid, black and white, classic or you can add the colour or theme of your wedding into this. This will allow you to see a range of different images of photographers.

I personally would say most people are always after something that is not to posed or too extra, if this is you it means you just want someone to take photo's of you both but not the super cringy poses. However, I will say sometimes the cheesy poses are a win even if you do not feel like you are one of these people it will always get a good laughing photo of you both when I suggest one or two.

A popular style would be candid's of your guest's, this will be during speeches and ceremony laughing or shedding a little tear. As well as this during the day when people are chatting and typically as bride and groom you maybe too busy and miss these little moments. Another popular style would be more traditional images of yourself and your family. This would include you having everyone in the image for example : bride, groom, brides mum, brides dad and grooms mum and grooms dad. It tends to be always the people you are close to you always forget to take photos with so we are there to make sure that is not missed out!!

2. Know your budget

Another important thing to consider is your budget, some photographers have been in the business for decades so they may tend to have higher prices due to the experience. Others who have not been in the industry for a long time may not charge a lot but again this may also not be a good thing as they may have no experience at all so just make sure to ask before you book them.

It is the same with everything else the best thing you can do is ask friends and family or even facebook groups for recommendations and then even asking the photographer themself their experiences with weddings.

Another thing to look out for with your budget is how long you want to have your photographer for. We can be with you from bridal prep all the way to your first few dances. However, some people might not want the bridal prep and skip this part of the day, which again some photographers add to the price of your wedding package.

3. Book a meeting with your photographer

As I said choosing your photographer is a big part of your day you will be with them from the very beginning of the day till the end so you do want to make sure you like them. This may sound silly but you want to be able to be comfortable with them to ask if you have something in your teeth or for them to fix your hair. This is why it is always a good idea to have contact with your photographer, this doesn't have to be a physically meeting it could be a phone call or a video call just to chat before you book. Most wedding photographers won't mind if you want a little chat because as I said it is a big decision for your day.

4. Book an engagement photoshoot

Engagement photoshoot

After you have the meeting you could then go onto booking a engagement photoshoot. For a start this will help you get to know your wedding photographer and be able to chat maybe feel more relaxed on your wedding day because we've already been there to pose you both and make you feel even more comfortable.

Engagement photoshoots also benefit you for meeting your photographer but also be able to use your photos for invitations and get you both even more excited for your wedding day!!

5. Ask your photographer questions

This may should like an obvious one but people might not think of questions to answer your photographer. For example:

What would happen if it was to rain on my wedding day??

Have you been to my venue before?

How do you know who I will want photos with?

When do we get our photos back??

What if you are ill on the day?

Do we provide you with a meal?

All questions that you may not think of asking your photographer, this can be before you book you can ask these questions and maybe just make you feel better when it comes to knowing who to book.

Hopefully this helped when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer as these are the photos you will share for the rest of your lives with all your loved ones. Just remember use as photographers are also just human so you can ask us anything you think of even if it seems silly. At the end of the day its your big day and we are there for you and will do anything we can to help, we tend to turn into a bit of everything on the day with helping as we have most likely seen it all.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon with another post!!


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